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Effortless CRM for hospitality venues

CRM is not just a fancy contact list. Ultimately, a CRM solution is a game-changing piece of technology for any hospitality venue. As a result, CRM can deliver:


drive customer loyalty and satisfaction

increase visitation and drive membership

reduce costs

Effortless CRM means stronger relationships with your current customers, winning new VIP patrons, and accelerate your membership growth. Our intelligent marketing automation helps you focus resources on the tasks that really add value, while a common platform for all touch-points build effortless experience across all customer’s types.


Why  RedeemX is different? For a start, a single CRM platform from a single supplier will give you everything you need. Secondly, we not just say it, we believe in it. You will find that your engagement with us is also an effortless experience. Speak to our existing customers and find out.



Though technology is our product, we package our team with it

Purchasing a technology-based product is one thing, operationalising it successfully, is another. 


We package our experienced CRM consultant with our technology. They will work with you to understand your requirements, build a CRM solution that fits and successfully implement and operate it. In other words, you decide what you want, our CRM consultant will execute it, measure it and report it to you. Easy!



We understand habit, we help you optimise it 

Our solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing rewards programmes, and also your existing hospitality system managing your floor. They continually capture the habits of your customers, building profiles that help you understand their value - and improve on it. 



The most complete solution suite for the hospitality industry, at present

At RedeemX, we’ve created a truly effortless CRM for hospitality venues in Australia which have been designed after studying millions of data points, and marrying them to cloud and mobile-based technology solutions, are proven to increase revenues, visitations and membership.




In RedeemX, every week we manage over 1 million transactions of our clients' customers  

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About Us

Leader in solutions for Australian Hospitality Venues.

Established in February 2012, RedeemX was founded by serial Techpreneurs, Senthil Ramachandran and Ron Stuhl who recognised that the hospitality industry in Australia was lagging behind its counterparts in the US and Europe. 


Armed with formidable knowledge and experience in cloud and mobile technology, gained by developing pioneering solutions for major clients like Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines and Hyundai Australia, the duo set up RedeemX with one goal - “to change the way technology is used in the hospitality industry in Australia!”


Double-digit growth every single year

In 5 years, we’ve grown at RedeemX, from just two people to being a 25 member team with two development centres in Australia and India. 


Our revenues have doubled every single year, and product uptake has been strong in the Australian hospitality industry where we count the country’s leading clubs, pubs and hotels as our customers. 


We meet standards, then we exceed them

Despite our success, we remain committed to our original blue print.  To constantly re-view our solutions, benchmark and re-develop them to meet global standards - then exceed them. 


We don't just give you technology, we give you the team who develop it

As a company, we are passionate about cloud and mobile-based solutions; we are also passionate about the people who develop them. 


When you do business with us, you don’t just buy our technology, you also buy the team who developed it.  We will be with you every step of the way - understanding your requirements, then advising and flawlessly fulfilling and operationalising them.


Our CRM Touch-Points


Empowering App for everyone at your venue.

RXHost App is an integral part of your customer service and engagement vision. 

RXHost App is your venue ultimate management and staff App designed to deliver quality Customer Service and Membership Services to both members and guests. The App consolidates data from multiple systems real-time allowing you and your staff to provide relevant and timely engagement and reduce reliance on specific personnel, memory or outdated lists. The App is also a complete mobile membership tool for new member enrolment, renewals and updates.

RXHost App is not just software. We integrated numerous supporting hardware kits to give you and your staff the convenience and speed needed for different locations and environments. These includes various layouts/size, housing, MSR, QR scanners, charging cradles and portable printers.


The Team

Dr. Ken Carr
Strategic Advisor
Ron Stuhl
Senthil Ramachandran​
Managing Director
Meena Matcha​
Business Architect
D Kumar Gopalakrishnan​
General Manager
Christo Nurtsis
Operations Manager
Jalaja Kumar
Admin Manager
Jenny Jeyapal​
Product & Support Manager

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